I am Mahbub Zaman Ashrafi, an HR professional with extensive experience spanning over nine years in the Human Resources domain, including a significant tenure in the banking sector of Bangladesh. My career has been geographically diverse, having worked in Australia as well, which has enriched my expertise in HR practices across different cultural landscapes. I hold a BBA, an LLB, and an MBA specialising in Human Resources from IUB, complemented by a Master of Professional Accounting from Australia. Moreover, my commitment to continuous professional development is evidenced by over 30 certifications from recognized institutions, underscoring my dedication to excellence in my field.

I joined AB Bank PLC. as Senior Officer in the HRMD division in September 2021 and was promoted to Principal Officer in 2024.  My primary responsibilities encompass managing disciplinary proceedings, fostering positive employee relations, crafting strategic HR policies, ensuring HR compliance, and streamlining HR operations.

My journey in the HR field spans over 9 years, and during this time, I’ve cultivated a multifaceted skill set. I spent 2.5 years specializing as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, where I honed my expertise in talent pipelining and proactive sourcing. This role equipped me to thrive in dynamic and agile work settings. Subsequently, I served for 1.5 years as an Assistant Human Resource Manager, deepening my grasp on diverse competencies. These competencies range from understanding compliance challenges and disciplinary protocols to mastering conflict and employee resolution. My proficiency also extends to the intricacies of the Bangladesh Labour Law, as well as leadership qualities, technical aptitude, consulting prowess, research acumen, training development strategies, negotiation techniques, and facilitation skills.

My educational background further solidifies my credentials in the field. I earned an MBA with a focus on Human Resource Management from IUB, Dhaka. In addition, I possess a Master’s degree in Professional Accounting from KOI, Sydney, a Bachelor of Laws (LL. B) from SEU, Dhaka, and a BBA with a specialization in Marketing from EWU, Dhaka. This diverse educational foundation has equipped me with a holistic perspective and a unique blend of expertise.

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